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Sexual violence takes many forms, including rape, date rape, sexual abuse, incest, pornography, prostitution, sexual harassment, bullying and other forms of assault that use sex as a weapon.

MNCASA connects members and allies to tools and training for rapid and effective response to sexual violence and victims in their communities.

The numbers below come from the Current Population Survey.

Please note that all data below are presented as averages over the past 12 month, and thus do not fully reflect recent trends.

These latter had been selected out, and kept in separate and more secure quarters from the time when the order came for their execution.

I was not present at this interview, but am informed that it was very affecting.

Currently the State maximum weekly benefits payment is 8.

Upon completion of the online application, most claimants will receive their first compensation check 3 weeks from filing.

These people are considered “not in the labor force.” Note that the U-3 number reported in this analysis may differ slightly from the official state unemployment estimate, because here we use a 12-month moving average.

But what about people who want a job, but aren’t actively searching because they think there are no jobs available that fit their qualifications?

These “discouraged workers” reveal additional untapped potential in the labor market.

Minnesota's official unemployment rate is a useful indicator for the health of the state’s economy, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

We can get a more complete picture of Minnesota's labor market by looking at alternative measures of unemployment, and by breaking down the rates by age, gender, and race.