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Carbon-14 is also passed onto the animals that eat those plants.

Designing and validating an agent based commodity trading simulation

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In computer science, a software agent is a software program that acts for a user or other program in a relationship of agency, which derives from the Latin agere (to do): an agreement to act on one's behalf.Such "action on behalf of" implies the authority to decide which, if any, action is appropriate.

A primary reason for the popularity of ABM and its departure from other simulation paradigms is that ABM can simulate and help examine organized complex systems (OCS). These changes involve attempts to move the industry away from highly regulated markets with administered cost-based pricing and towards competitive markets in which prices more fully reflect supply and demand forces. electricity industry is currently undergoing substantial changes in both its structure (ownership and technology aspects) and its architecture (operational and oversight aspects).The paper explains the approach we have used in order to model the individual behavior of agents (buyers and sellers), as well as to handle the uncertainty and vagueness of agents’ behaviors, beliefs and decision-making by means of fuzzy type-2 systems.Using type-2 fuzzy rule based systems; we have designed and implemented individual agents with personal behavior and decision-making processes. Following the California crisis, many energy researchers have eloquently argued the need to combine sound physical understanding of electric power and transmission grid operation with economic analysis of incentives in order to develop electricity markets with good real-world performance characteristics.