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Once upon a time, people actually met in real life to date.
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If a man starts flirting with you in line at Starbucks, it isn’t because you look Being intelligent when it comes to men isn’t the about your comprehensive knowledge of nuclear physics or finance; it’s about a complete understanding of one subject, him.If you’re smart about men, you’ll realize that there are better ways to display your intelligence than what I see some women doing in the dating world today.Recently my friend Jennifer Wright at The came across another study purporting to show that men prefer to date women who are less intelligent than they are.She asked me about why this might be, assuming it was true at all. Our economy is quickly becoming what people like to call a “knowledge economy,” in which the financial rewards for smart people who are really work oriented are tremendous.If you’re an intelligent woman and you have the documents to prove it, good for you but being smart about men isn’t the same as being book smart. What every smart person should know is being charismatic is just as important as being intelligent.So I find that some intelligent women make the following mistakes when it comes to attracting and interacting with men.Why does intelligence appear to enhance a man’s dating and marriage prospects while diminishing a woman’s prospects?It’s an explosive question for a number of reasons.

”, there will be tons of results for you to believe dating an IT guy is kinda not a bad choice. They can easily figure out the issue, fix it, and even make it run faster. Not only computer, they seem to know how to fix almost everything as they are extremely good at technical things. Also, They are problem solvers in their job and in their lives; if something is wrong, they’ll work to fix it, even in their relationship.The ladies at The brought the subject up in a recent survey asking ten different men why so many smart men date “dumb girls.” I was one of the respondents.Now Nicole Lapin, my colleague here at CNBC, has tried to explain why smart women want to date smart men. The Gloss wanted to know why smart men were dating less intelligent women, while Lapin wrote about why smart women date smart men.When you have a bad day and you would like to complain about something wrong in life, they are more than happy to be by your side.Even if you need someone to talk to late at night, they are the right ones thank to their habit of staying up the whole night long.What’s more, with the economy geared in ways that limit their opportunities, attaching themselves to a smart mate is one of the few tactics for economic advancement.