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The most powerful determinants are the level and intensity of the conflict between parents, and whether the conflict is resolved.

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It is life." In the pre-history of the lifecasting movement, the introduction of lightweight, portable cameras during the early 1960s, as used in the Cinéma vérité and Direct cinema movements, changed the nature of documentary filmmaking.

Beluga Facts At birth, Beluga calves are about 5 feet long and grow to around 12 feet in length.

Belugas are small to medium-sized toothed whales, with thick torsos and bulging foreheads.

The peculiar look of Belugas has made them a popular attraction in aquariums.

Author William Gibson featured "God's Little Toy," a lifecasting mini-blimp, that followed subjects around—for their lives—in his 1999 novel All Tomorrow's Parties.

Jean-Luc Godard said, "Cinema is not a dream or a fantasy.