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Two of Emily's tutors got together after not meeting for over a year and got drunk.
Is online dating making the world better and dating more effective, or is something important being lost or sacrificed as a result?

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It has been a common belief of scholars that modernity began in the West and is by its philosophical nature, economic underpinning, and cultural exigencies a uniquely western phenomenon.All other cultures, those who have lived on the darker side of Renaissance must emulate the Western experience, if they want to be modern.The revenue from online dating was 6 million last year, one of the largest categories of paid content online, according to Jupiter Research.During peak years-20-the market grew by more than 70%, but for the first time last year, online dating sites started losing more users than they were attracting, Jupiter Research said. The novelty has worn off, some industry watchers say, and sites like News Corp.'s My Space have siphoned off some of the younger demographic whose main interest is fun, hanging out and hooking up. Sites like e Harmony and Perfect Match ask hundreds of questions to build a personality profile and charge about a month, while the fast-growing Craigslist has no such barrier to entry and is free.It's only been about six years since the phenomenon of online dating caught fire with U. singles, a group that's estimated to be 89 million strong.Their quest for love has proven profitable for companies like and Yahoo Personals: The market leaders each have nearly 15 million members.

Market Range's Perfect Match also drafts off the millions spent by its much larger competitors-Interactive Corp.'s spent .2 million on ads last year, while e Harmony spent .6 million, according to TNS Media Intelligence.

From Max Weber to Milan Kundera, many Western scholars and writers have argued that everything from representative democracy and rational thought to the art of the novel and the essay are not only western in origin but also uniquely suited to its culture, and native to its temperature climes.

Persia with its impressively rich and varied cultural legacy had a formative role in shaping Western consciousness.

No, this wasn't a corporate morale booster, an alumni gathering or a charity event. Group-dating -- think of it as double-dating on steroids or as Facebook in the flesh -- is making a noticeable blip on the dating radar, as a younger generation turns away from such courtship rituals as the blind date.

Even Web sites like e-Harmony and have become passé.