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This Wee Chat was a lot of fun, so enjoy listening to Steve Poltz’s brilliance and his many stories!

Born among the hearty seafaring folk of Canada’s Halifax, Nova Scotia, Poltz has lived most of his life in Southern California.

In his younger years, Schneider ate up the rock n’ roll lifestyle, but these days he barely says a word to bandmates before taking the stage.

Not to be aloof, but because he wants the conversation to happen musically.

He’s been doing the frontman thing a long time, kicking off the 1990s by packing Austin clubs with Joe Rockhead, then moving through a major label mess with Ugly Americans, taking nasty funk to a new level with the Scabs, and then capping the decade with the release of the best-selling album in Waterloo Record’s history with “Lonelyland” in 1999. ” he said, to which Schneider said, “yeah, but slow it down just a bit.” Less than a minute later, they were onstage doing it.

Twenty years after Rockhead made his name, Schneider’s a man in search of new thrills. After the show ended at midnight, Schneider stepped out the back door to let the night air cool his sweat.

, a podcast that features all things related to the world famous Belly Up music venue!

We talk to our friends, touring artists, people that make us laugh and everything in between.

His touring schedule is ferocious, ping ponging between continents with enough frequency to earn him manic followings in scores of different accents and languages.

He enjoys family, surfing, cooking, loveable humans and honest music.

He loves talking about audio gear, and makes a fine cup of Yerba Mate. What's Up at the Belly Up podcast features The Redwoods - Al and Matt.

Any musician who has traveled as extensively as Poltz will have their share of colorful road stories, but Poltz’ adventures read like a bucket list.

Starting out auspiciously, Poltz recalls meeting Elvis Presley at a small airport and beaming proudly as The King hugged his sister for an inordinately long time.