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The report established baseline figures on how many known adult gang members (3960) and how many of their children come into contact with the ministry's service arms and the estimated total costs."This report, as a first step, gives a much more comprehensive picture of the social costs associated with gang members," the report states.Analysis was also carried out on whether gang members' children had ever had contact with the Care and Protection or Youth Justice service arms of Child, Youth and Family."A total of 3516 children of gang members were recorded as victims of abuse or neglect that had been substantiated on investigation by Child, Youth and Family." Forty-four per cent were emotionally abused, 28 per cent were neglected, 13 per cent were physically abused and 4 per cent were sexually abused in terms of substantiated findings."The alleged perpetrator of abuse or neglect of gang members' children was more often recorded as the child's mother than the gang member father.However, caution should be taken with this finding, as the relationship was not recorded for 20 per cent of cases," the report states.Nearly a quarter of the children of gang members aged 10 or older had Youth Justice involvement with Child, Youth and Family."[It's] estimated lifetime-to-date total cost to Child, Youth and Family from the adult gang members and their children was at least 9 million. This is likely to be an underestimate due to data limitations.

What's it like for a gang member to come out to his brothers?

These gangs often came into conflict with each other.

Members dressed in the following way: "with colored ribbons to distinguish the different factions." These early gangs had reputations for many criminal activities, but in most countries could not profit from drug trafficking prior to drugs being made illegal by laws such as the 1912 International Opium Convention and the 1919 Volstead Act.

suggests that gangsterism as a "form of self-help which victimizes others" may appear in societies which lack strong "forces of law and order"; he characterizes European feudalism as "mainly gangsterism that had become society itself and acquired respectability".

A wide variety of gangs, such as the Order of Assassins, the Damned Crew, Adam the Leper's gang, Penny Mobs, Indian Thugs, Chinese Triads, Snakehead, Japanese Yakuza, Irish mob, Pancho Villa's Villistas, Dead Rabbits, American Old West outlaw gangs, Bowery Boys, Chasers, the Italian mafia, Jewish mafia, and Russian Mafia crime families have existed for centuries.