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Updating in mysql

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In particular, the field "num_points" is a little unusual.I made it up so I could show an int data type in this table, and I was thinking of those websites where points are awarded for giving correct answers.

updating in mysql-15

In today’s tutorial we are going to dynamically update mysql table values from nodejs server.

Follow the upgrade instructions for each release, in succession." so you should doing update in two steps 5.5 - You can see my comment that the solution by @Rinzwind did not worked in my case (Ubuntu 14.04 , Mysql 5.5).

So i have googled the solution and found the answer which worked for me at Digital Ocean Tutorial. I am pasting the particular portion of tutorial that worked for me .

In previous tutorials covered following topics:a)Simple login interface: Tutorialb)File upload module: Tutorialc)Admin dashboard for monitoring user logins: Tutorial In this tutorial we are going to update the code in file upload module to keep a track of number of files uploaded by the user at any given time.

First we are going to add a new column in our collegeusers from mysql shell to keep a track of uploaded files.