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Objectdatasource onupdating event

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I have easily solved the problem by just hardcoding the Details View name into it but I thought there may be some property kind of like . Naming Container that I could cast to so the code isn't so brittle. Anyway as long there is a reference to an object you can access its properties : from the usercontrol you can access the controls it contains and from the webcontrol you can access the parent (page or user control).Considering the example you provided, I don't think there is anything you can replace for Something_Here. Also one Data Source can be linked to several Data Bound Controls. Also, it might be helpful to add an My save button is outside the repeater. What I would like to get back from the repeater is an object with all the modified fields in it.I will try adding the On Updating event and let you know. Check out the Form View, Grid View, and Details View. It allows the user to select course/categories the item should be displayed in.I need to get a reference to this control so that I can update a different database table after the main item has been updated.I have the select working but I am having a problem with the Update.When I call a Save button what I want to do is call the function specified in the Update Method and pass it in a parameter of the changed object of the repeater.

Create a handler for the Object Data Source Updated event in your codebehind.

What you can do here is just call that returns the view in this case but I don't think it's a good choice.

You should review you business logic and try to manage it somewhere it makes more sense Anyway your code should look like the below: with checkboxes.

In my web page, I've got a Grid View control that is data bound to an Object Data Source. In the event handler for on Updating, the event args object has a cancel property. But to keep gridview in update mode, you must mantain its edit index property, because when gridview is not in edit mode usually its edit index is set to -ve value, but if it is in edit mode, gridview edit index is set to some positive integer value.

When this happens, I would like the row that was being updated to remain in the edit mode. One way to solve this problem is that you use Validation controls, which will restrict the user to send request if validation does not passes.