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Park officials said they expected about 25,000 Filipino Americans to visit the park over the weekend to join thousands of other visitors in celebrating a "fiesta Filipiniana." The two-day festival continues today and features Filipino food, music and entertainment.
Used either when things are going well, or sarcastically when things are going terribly. From Douglas Adams' _Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy._ Phenomon in books andmovies where the populace at large completely ignores something strange and otherwise very noticeable, because it's only of concern to the main characters. Brown-eyed, sweet, cute, hot chick that lives in, oh yeah! Sometimes they will end up saving the day for you (hence the name safety) when you're out of cigs and craving like a madman. Unidentifiable object or group of objects - or, if known, can be a catch-all word for everything Example: In a restaurant: Honey, you have some schmutz on your face. a word that derivied out of a speech team of mine..means cool, good or to be used in a congratalatory remark. Named for a priest whose breathing you hear from the back of the chapel. Historically used to describe Michael Schumacher fans. First official usage in Boyett's TREKS NOT TAKEN (Harper Collins).

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Nous effectuons présentement une mise à jour de notre site internet. We apologize for any inconvenience and we invite you to come back and visit our website soon. Nous nous excusons des inconvénients et nous vous invitons à venir consulter notre site sous peu. A personal update site is hosted on First of all, create a wiki account on Please note, that the password for the corresponding update site is NOT the one for your wiki account.

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Visual Studio Express provides a free development tool that makes ASP.

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all entities under its jurisdiction to update their information every two years.

You are required to provide this update every two years even if your company has not changed its information, has ceased interstate operations since the last update, or is no longer in business and you did not notify FMCSA.