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Her sister Rikki was involved in car accident in 2010 and was seriously injured.She must be charging huge sum of money as her salary but exact digits are unknown. Edit Vikki was romantically involved with Trevor Lord from 2009 to 2010.Before we even did the audition, we just asked them if it was cool because our little brother and sister are still in high school and we didn't want to make them any targets for criticism or abuse from their schoolmates, so we asked them first, and they were like, "Yeah, of course, whatever makes you happy.We'll support you." TVGuide.com: Just to clarify — you're each going to choose a person?so doctors decided to remove 2 sections of her skull. where Rikki modeled her brain-protecting helmet ().

It took just one botched date with a guy to make the Westbury, N.Rikki: Yes, we're both looking for our own individual love. TVGuide.com: Did you talk about what you would do if you liked the same person?Vikki: We didn't even think about that as a possibility in the beginning because it's not something that's ever happened to us before.It's unknown how many passengers were in the vehicle at the time of the crash but, Brown said, there were no other serious injuries from the crash.Rikki went to the hospital for her injuries shortly after the accident as a preventive measure.premieres Tuesday night and will introduce fans to the crew of the Ionian Princess.