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This release includes new features and performance improvements.Some of the highlights of this release: * Several improvements to somatic variant calling, including the ability to specify site-specific somatic priors, control of output for gain-of-reference and loss-of-heterozygosity events, and changes to the VCF to align with TCGA VCF specification.Now it is time to take out your Pozidriv screwdriver and unscrew the single screw from the RAM access panel.4) After you have taken out the screw you can now gently lift the panel up with your finger nail.There is NO void or warranty sticker, so you will not void your warranty for upgrading the RAM.

Read More July 29, 2011 Posted in Free BSD General I complained about php5.3 generating huge log files, also, E_DEPRECATED doesn’t suppress those deprecated errors, as a result, I had to turn off php logs. The reason why E_DEPRECATED doesn’t work is that, some scripts set error_reporting value and supersede the setting in php.ini, so, no matter how we configure php, we just couldn’t suppress those errors.So, I'm sitting here looking over some Docs I found talking about this stuff again, and though I do admit, I've not used much of this in some time now (Mostly because my little Network here at home is locked down by first having a Router stand in the way, then another Router and Hardware Firewall, then a Switch, and then a "Hardware Security Device" and on top of that, having my machines set where you have to comply with MY password policy...To make it short; I don't worry a whole lot as I don't think of myself as an easy target) and, anyway, I do remember wayyyyy back, I was trying out a new version of Fedora Core, and I noticed that a lot of SELinux stuff had been added to a base install.* Improvements to our sophisticated variant comparison tool vcfeval, primarily the ability to perform evaluation restricted to individual regions or sets of regions (for example Gia B high-confidence intervals or exome target regions), and the inclusion of more accuracy metrics, both as a new summary file and included in the weighted ROC data file.* We are also pleased to make the source code to RTG Tools available under the Simplified BSD License, on github.I fixed a dozen scripts within a couple of hours – just very simple replace.