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Also make note of the PIN number of the device in case you need to contact us by phone for further troubleshooting. Verify that Black Berry Service is enabled for this user in Host Pilot® Control Panel.Once your device is properly provisioned with your provider, you will need to log in to Host Pilot and navigate to the page and enable the service for the mailbox in question.If your Blackberry is not provisioned for Enterprise Services, you can try to activate the device via Enterprise activation appliction. Ensure that you are running up-to-date Black Berry device software. From the main menu of the Black Berry device, go to the Tools or Options menu (depending on the device), and choose the Status menu.Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Activate Black Berry Using The Enterprise Activation application? If updates are not installed, follow Black Berry instructions, or contact your wireless carrier. Make note of the Signal strength value (for a successful activation, this number should be between -40 and -98 Db M and it should not be fluctuating).If this doesn't work, see Common sending or receiving issues using the Black Berry Internet Service.I have been checking my yahoo mail account using my blackberry curve for over 1 year.Also, ensure your Black Berry has 2 or more “bars” of coverage, indicating a strong signal in your current location.Below are several troubleshooting steps that can be used to troubleshoot a Black Berry® Activation if the activation is not completed or returns an error.

If you have not already attempted to activate your device, read the following Knowledge Base articles for more information: How do I enable Black Berry wireless service for the user? Even though it is a separate service receiving email via the Black Berry, Enterprise Server requires that you have an active data plan from your cell provider. Ensure that your device is provisioned for Enterprise Services.Last night I received a notice stating that "my email account could not be validated". I have verified my password using my laptop at my yahoo home account and have even...Last night I received a notice stating that "my email account could not be validated". I have verified my password using my laptop at my yahoo home account and have even changed the password and attempted to validate again on my blackberry.To protect themselves from being compromised, users must set a password recovery question and confirm their email.The BBM app for i OS and Android has a mobile number registration feature that allows new users to create a BBM account with a phone number, no longer with an email address as seen in previous versions.Activating a Black Berry Please follow the instructions for activating your device before attempting the steps below. Without this provisioning, Black Berry activation will not work.