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To do so, start Server Manager and expand Diagnostics/Event Viewer/Windows Logs in the console tree.

Right-click the log for which you want to change the location and click Properties.

Type the new file system location for the event log in the Log path box and click OK.

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No special configuration is required on the source computers, other than that Windows Remote Management (Win RM) should be enabled, the Win RM Windows Firewall exceptions be enabled, and the collector’s computer account must have read permission on the logs you want to subscribe to.Event Log forwarding was introduced in Windows Server 2008, allowing system administrators to centralize server and client event logs, making it easier to monitor events without having to connect to individual servers.Forwarding uses the DMTF WS-Eventing standard, which is part of the open Web Services-Management (WS-Man) protocol built in to Windows Server as part of the Windows Management Framework (WMF). When I start ADAudit Plus, none of my domains are discovered. If no domain details are available in the DNS Server, it shows this message. When I add my domains manually, the Domain Controllers are not resolved. When the DNS associated with the machine running ADAudit Plus do not contain the necessary information. The status column in the domain settings says that the user do not have Admin Privilege? ADAudit Plus, upon starting, discovers the domains from the DNS Server associated with the machine running the product. When I add the Domain Controller, I get an error as "The Servers are not operational". This error could be due to any of the following reasons: Questions 5.There are variations on this standard configuration, which I won’t discuss in this article, such as configuring push notifications and configuring a user account to authenticate on the source computers.