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Tražim muškarca sa kojim bih mogla da uživam u čarima erotike, da delimo nežnost i strast.
The show was nominated for 28 Emmy Awards, winning nine.

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Personal life of Ed is as much colorful as his filmography. When they do, the actress usually responds with a friendly, "I get that." (Slightly tougher to take are the clueless types who say she resembles a certain TV star—only "cuter." Because, really, she wonders, "what is that supposed to mean?Serfaty captioned the photo by saying that it was , she was swoon.What we’re wondering is if this was just a flirty play on words, or meant to show that her and Westwick are just in the beginnings of their relationship.

Her thick, dark hair is pulled into a ponytail and she's wearing very little makeup."She's finding her niche."Luckily, the actress—who admits that she spent much of her lonely first year in Los Angeles "crying myself to sleep"—has adjusted to Manhattan quite well. After they split, she tried her hand at acting, and now, she's the lucky misses of IRL Chuck Bass. Regardless, we definitely think they make a sexy couple, and we hope that Italy treated them well.magazine is reporting that an ambivalent Leighton dumped a "heartbroken" Sebastian Stan because she "doesn't know how to be in a relationship and doesn't really like them." HA. Her jaded romantic sentiments will surely be welcomed company for a cuckolded Ed.May be he was late in proposing or she already in love with some one else.