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“The capacity for asynchronous silent communication was especially attractive to users because it extended the places in which their cell phones could be used.” Psychologically speaking, there were some obvious, emerging selling points to text messages, too: like the fact that you could take your time to craft a perfect response, or that you’d be forced to simplify ideas and arguments that might become much more complicated in spoken conversation.

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How much can you take, and how long could you handle it?Be incarcerated by Chief Warden Goddess Cleo and her two Duty Wardens, Mistress Absolute and Ms Hayley Bond who may decide to hogtie you on the floor, saran wrap you to the bench and watch you struggle, put you in a straight jacket if you misbehave, or strap you down to the bed with hospital grade restraints if you attempt to escape…Right now I’d like to hear from you…Does the thought of a woman taking you from behind turn you on? Have you ever wanted to experience being on complete lockdown in a cell, a cage, an isolation unit, or cupboard, whilst being beaten, broken, tormented and quite possibly tortured by beautiful, strict, Dominant women? £60 per hour – minimum of 2 hours / £200 – half day / £350 – full day / £400 – overnight. C.) it was believed that the ebb of flow of the Nile River was caused by Atum’s (the god of creation) ejaculation, sparking the ritualistic ejaculation of the pharaohs into the Nile River.

Dominas on duty are Goddess Cleo, along with Mistress Absolute and Ms Hayley Bond, who will truss you up or tie you down before leaving you to contemplate your predicament.

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I was going to get into the psychology of the strap-on fetish here, but I’ll save that for my next post.

As the strength of the rain was thought to correlate to the strength of the pharaoh’s ejaculation, it’s believed that to ensure an abundance of rain, the pharaoh’s wife would massage his prostate with a phallus while he sat on her lap and masturbated.• 3rd century B. Greek poet Herodas describes women going to a cobbler for dildos that were carefully stitched from scarlet leather and are described as being very soft, ‘like the real thing’.

He also mentions straps but doesn’t elaborate on their purpose.• In the Secret History of Prociopius, Theodra (below), wife of the Emperor Justinian, is depicted as penetrating the "hinder parts" of her male lovers, which takes on a slightly less playful cast when you read that the couple was described as "corrupt, immoral, and just plain evil."• A tale vivid tale of strap-on sex was found on papyrus recycled to wrap a mummy was found in Egypt: “She said ‘Come hither, I will plug up your tight asshole.’ And she beat my egg sack with a sprig of lilac as if I were a satyr.