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Anthony cumia dating jill nicolini

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The two broke each other’s cellphones, attorneys said. Schwartz of Garden City, denied all of the charges against Cumia and said Brand is Cumia’s girlfriend, and that Brand lives in his New York City apartment.The dispute was the result of a disagreement between the two, he said.They then get into the Ray Rice video, hear Bernard Mc Guirk's take on the situation, discuss violence in relationships, and chat with some callers. The 30-year-old traffic reporter for Long Island's CW11 Morning News caught the 45-year-old radio host of "The Opie & Anthony Show" with another woman in August and ended their relationship.Brand suffered a fractured rib, swollen arm and chest pain, prosecutors said.The argument “escalated” and Cumia “assaulted” Brand, according to the complaint.

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Steve, Jimmy’s Vice show, his upcoming comedy special, and the goings-on in Ferguson.This was before her CW11 fame, but after her playboy fame! Anthony Cumia, the controversial shock jock from “Opie and Anthony,” pleaded not guilty Sunday to assaulting his 26-year-old girlfriend at his Roslyn Heights home.Afterwards, Anthony took to Twitter and went on a long rant.He later tweeted that he had a dark patch in his vision in the right eye, but later went away.Ant jumps right into H1Z1 and how it went down last night for him, the Twitter feedback he got for commenting on Cindy Crawford’s untouched photo, he breaks down TBS digitally “speeding up” Seinfeld reruns, and reads an article about Joe Biden getting creepy once again. More Today Stuttering John and Anthony sit at the poker table to talk about drinking, relationships, and their shared love of Columbo reruns and old timey TV shows.