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A lot of women wanted to throw their point of view in there. From the forum called ENot a poster writes about this issue and wonders whether the couple’s height difference can be too extreme.
The location in Luxor is fantastic – just a few minutes to the Nile, the temples, and the markets.

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If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks. heres a sample, assembly head: manbumigu urpinay pichaypandian paesalam . Thus the word got coined as Kam-naati, which ended up to be a word to scold. Its a feminine gender word and is not supposed to be used for the masculine gender.

This article is within the scope of Wiki Project Dravidian civilizations, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Dravidian civilizations on Wikipedia. However, my guess is this word transfigured itself to 'Kamnati' to indicate a guy who is not with a wife or is scolded to lose his partner. The word's origin is actually 'Kaimpendatti', which means 'Widow'. Originally it is 'Kaimpendatti Magane', which evolved as 'Kaimpendatti Paiya' for a guy and then 'kamminatti paiya' as the language evolved, finally to 'Kamminatti' and 'Kamnaati'.

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The mother during this period undergoes various changes as a preparation to receive the offspring.A union or fusion of just two cells during the physical union of male and female results into a new creation.It is just like a marathon race when thousands of sperms entering the genital of a female compete to reach the ovum. enna nadakuthu entha aatchilay, alli rani athiyallay keethu (this guys party members show appreciation by tapping bench) now the oppostion party head veeralalitha will get angry and stand veeralalitha: manbumigu ethirkatchi uripinarku bathil alikka virumbukiraen . The following text was added to the entry on Kamnaati. podhu janam allam policekaran vudura ravusullay aadi poi keeranga. ummalay gamnu kunthu ellangatti un buttiya odachu nasty akiduvaen pichay gets angry and comes in front of veeralalitha and says One of my friends Ishwar actually explained the meaning of the term saavugraaki. By calling one 'Saavugraaki', the person means to say, "customer to death" Kishore , (UTC) The current explanation for "neat-a-po" says it comes from English "neat" and Tamil "po". I thought it may also come from Tamil "neet" (meaning "length"), as in "go along the length of this road". guess it comes from the association that long things are generally straight. But if you see here, the meaning is entirely difference. podaanga - literally means "go away" but used in a sarcastic manner, when you start arguing about something. engayachum adi pattu setha than therium (then traffic seperates both) in sattasabai we can find more pure madras bashay as all allagais throng there and abuse mutually each other. Please discuss it here if you think it is correct and want to add it back.